In this special guest post by ultra-marathon runner Greg Nance we learn how to apply lessons from ultra-marathon running to the wealth management space. At Wentworth, we know from first-hand experience that independence is a journey. If you are an independent advisor — or simply thinking of becoming an independent advisor — we are sure you will see many similarities between what you are doing to build a profitable and successful financial advisory business and what Greg Nance, our committed athlete, is doing to plan and execute according to plan on his personal journey. Enjoy this contribution from ultra-marathon runner, Greg Nance.

Outstanding results begin with a keen understanding of the challenges we face. Only then can we successfully build a holistic solution.

Running 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents is a grueling physical and mental test pitting runners against extreme fatigue, sleep deprivation, muscle cramps, blisters, chafing, shin splints, and dehydration. These challenges are compounded by the risk of hypothermia and frost bite in Antarctica and heat stroke in Cape Town and Perth.

On top of the physical and mental gauntlet of running 183.4 miles under extreme conditions, there are myriad logistics to coordinate including 23,000 miles (and 75 hours) of air travel and precautions against the Antarctic chill and Australian heat.

For these reasons, only 104 people have ever completed the World Marathon Challenge – compared to 562 who have traveled to outer space or 4,000+ who have climbed Mt. Everest.

With Wentworth’s support, I’ve built a Multi-Dimensional Approach to overcome these obstacles.

Our mind and body is a complex system so peak performance requires coordination at full capacity. We are only as strong as our weakest link. This simple logic has informed the Multi-Dimensional Approach I’ve deployed while training for the World Marathon Challenge powered by Wentworth.

I’ve sought to increase my cardio-vascular fitness, leg and core strength, flexibility, capacity for climactic adaptation, mental toughness, and proper recovery.

As an ultra marathon runner, it’s vital to sustain a steady pace for hours at a time to most efficiently cover the distance. Our cardio-vascular capacity incrementally grows with consistent training. To train for 7 back-to-back marathons it’s vital to simulate the challenge of running on tired legs.

Leg and core strength are vital to efficient strides, particularly when exhausted. This capacity is trained through calisthenics months before the starting gun. Each morning I begin with twelve exercises including squats, lunges, calf raises and abdominal work to ensure legs and core will be up to the task. I also strap on a weighted rucksack during weekend long runs to give my muscles extra resistance.

Running mileage for several months tightens the body and can increase the chance for injury. Focused flexibility training loosens strained muscles, boosts range of motion and diminishes injury risk.

The ability to efficiently adapt to extreme climates is also critical because we will immediately transition from 26.2 miles on Antarctic ice to a marathon in Cape Town’s furnace. Dozens of cold weather runs have prepared me for the chill while stair-climber workouts dressed in winter parka have conditioned me for the heat.

Mental toughness is an intangible that sets front runners apart from the pack. I work with a mindset coach who guides ultra distance athletes on structured reflections and positive visualization. Mindset training is an extra arrow in the quill that can pay big dividends when our body is breaking down.

Last, but not least, is rest and recovery. I aim to be the best slept runner at each start line and target 8-plus hours every night. I also gently stretch and ice my knees before bed to reduce inflammation.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach enables focused commitment and the confidence that our holistic solution will pay off.

My training for World Marathon Challenge powered by Wentworth revolved around the adage: “Plan the work. Work the plan.” A training regiment becomes particularly daunting when we have to second guess our planning and preparation instead of putting all focus into executing day-after-day.

Trusting our process is much easier when we know our Multi-Dimensional Approach is preparing us for the obstacles on our path.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach is also vital to world class results in Wealth Management.

Traditional wealth management firms settle for a one-dimensional approach: create fees to tax the advisor. These tactics merely increase commission payouts even when misaligning incentives between advisors and their clients.

Wentworth Management Services deploys a multi-dimensional approach that drives world class results. Wentworth is pioneering flexible and multi-faceted options for owners to exit or recapitalize their businesses by making growth capital accessible.

Wentworth offers value-added concierge services tailored for advisors and the unique situation facing their clients. This approach has fostered a service excellence culture to deliver and sustain remarkable value.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach provides the focus and commitment required to achieve outstanding long-term returns.

Independence is a Journey. Whether running ultra marathons over tough terrain or managing diversified portfolios through market turbulence, a multi-dimensional approach helps us reach and sustain our very best.

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