Building Long-Term, Productive Relationships With Our Advisors And Their Clients


In order to cover the spectrum of advisor needs given differing book of business compositions, Wentworth provides access to a hybrid, open architecture platform and a pure commissionable business. We underpin this structure with a technology platform that improves service, communication, and efficiency.

Our holdings include a broker-dealer firm with a dealer manager business, investment banking division, and a wholesale distribution division. These platform enhancements allow our firm to bring institutional-quality asset managers into the retail capital markets, and to offer up innovative alternative investment products to the marketplace that may not be available to the wire-house advisors.


Our management principles are those of partnership with those we acquire. We bring flexible and multi-faceted options for owners to exit or recapitalize their businesses, or to execute strategic acquisitions. In this, we seek to make growth capital accessible to companies and enable them to achieve strategic growth in the wealth management industry.

Risk Vigilance

A central tenet to our management philosophy is risk vigilance. We prioritize risk management in all of our policies and procedures. We aim to be proactive, rather than reactive, on compliance and regulatory trends. We believe this vigilance will foster a positive working relationship with our regulators and give advisors a clear view of the environment in which they operate.


Typical wealth management firms are one dimensional in their approach: create fees and grid payouts structures to tax the advisor. Our approach is one of providing opportunistic value-add concierge service. We foster a service excellence culture to provide consistent, high-quality service for all of our internal and external clients.

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