Modern Portfolio Theory


The ideas 91-year-old Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz espoused 67 years ago are unlikely to be retired any time soon. The term “modern portfolio theory” may seem like an oxymoron when you consider its been around long enough to retire and the ideas underpinning it seem more like common sense than high finance. [...]

Modern Portfolio Theory2019-03-25T14:01:57-05:00

The Benefits of Long-Term Investing


As the market run from 2008 to 2018 shows, it’s very tough to outperform a buy-and-hold strategy when it comes to building long term wealth. Here at Wentworth Management Services LLC we could not let 2018 fade to quickly from memory without observing how far the stock market has come since the dark [...]

The Benefits of Long-Term Investing2019-05-17T16:08:50-05:00
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